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Welcome, wild soul! I am so glad you are here. In this time where things are moving at warp speed, it can be difficult to slow down enough to consciously choose how we want to grow. Sometimes we all get stuck into a place where we can’t seem to see the light. It’s okay, I’ve been there too. And I’ve got you.

Getting unstuck takes courage, persistence and love. Asking for support is a huge part of getting started. You are already on the path toward healing. I believe in you and your ability to heal, grow and expand into who you are meant to become.

Using a blend of psychotherapy and coaching, my approach is holistic and creative. Together we can co create an experience that is invigorating, supportive and genuine.

Even though this is all serious work, I also believe that self discovery can be playful, fun and even a relief as you return to who you really are. Taking big leaps of faith, risks and even failing can be part of the growth process. So come on; Let’s break through all those old rules and barriers to give birth to all that you are capable of!


The moment I read about Melissa’s holistic process, I knew she was the right life coach for me. Melissa is positive, compassionate and easy to talk to. She has helped me gain a more positive outlook on myself and my situation in life. She continues to help me find the inner strength I need to make difficult decisions. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone who needs some additional support through life’s difficult stages.

– Vicki

Before I started working with Melissa, words like “balance,” “boundaries,” and “breathing” weren’t in my vocabulary. For over a decade I had been playing caregiver to everyone but myself. Melissa has been a godsend to me, helping me regain control of my thoughts, decision-making abilities, and how I spend my energy. I have learned breathing techniques that are simple but so powerful. Now I am able to identify self-destructive behaviors and patterns and take steps to break those cycles. I’m evolving as a person and becoming a stronger, yet calmer, version of myself.

– Karen

I cannot recommend Melissa enough. I’ve been working with her for 4 years and she has helped me through multiple big life transitions, moves, relationships, etc. Things that used to take me months to work through can be resolved within one session. She is truly one of a kind!

– Cheyenne

Meet Melissa

Melissa is a trained licensed clinical social worker, though her skills expand way beyond just social work. She is experienced in breath work, mindfulness, meditation and is a lover of anything metaphysical. Melissa’s  open mindedness, creativity and honesty provides a supportive space for her clients.

Melissa resides in Wisconsin and serves clients globally. Outside of work she can be found at the local yoga studio, hiking and walking outdoors, foraging, and creating shenanigans with friends.

In addition to 1:1 services, Melissa is a dynamic public speaker and facilitator of corporate wellness programs, leadership trainings, meditation programs, and healing retreats. Check out all of Melissa’s other offerings at www.melissahale.love

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching and traditional counseling?

In general, traditional counseling follows a clinical model to help address symptoms such as depression, anxiety, grief, etc, which can be tied to childhood experiences, traumas or biological issues. Often people seek counseling when they are in crisis or not functioning normally day to day. Since psychotherapy is often billed to insurance, there are certain requirements and limitations that must be addressed (like providing a diagnosis). Mental health providers often are licensed through the state and meet certain educational requirements.

Coaching is focused on present day life and teaches you how to maximize your intuition to attract the abundance that is waiting for you. Often the women I work with are extremely successful on appearance: they are mothers, professionals, students and go-getters! Coaching is a wonderful way to transform already successful women to an even higher level of self-understanding and joy.  As a coach, I use my various professional hats as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, reiki master and spiritual ninja to help support you on your transformation from woman to kick-ass warrior goddess! As a side note, coaches do not need to meet any specific licenses or educational degrees, so make sure you do your research when picking a coach.

How are services provided?

Psychotherapy and coaching are provided either in person or virtually, or can be a combination of the two.