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Wildstone Wellness

Power • Purpose • Play
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Leave your old stories behind and step into a new verision of YOU.

Welcome to Wildstone wellness 


Hi! My name is Melissa and I am an eclectic healer. I work with people wanting to let go of the old  habits, routines or ideas that keep them stuck from living up to their hightest potential. My goal is to assist you in creating the most powerful and authentic version of yourself.

Together we will identify the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck living in a way that feels constricting and downright bored. Through this work of “unlearning” you will remember your true power and find your purpose

Getting unstuck takes courage, persistence and love.  With the new decade (Hello, 2020!) NOW is the time to reflect on your life’s journey, purpose, and what you want to accomplish in the future. Presently there is a cosmic unravelling of old fears and beliefs helping us to shift paradigms in our internal and external worlds. Let’s use this universal momentum to help each other transform, heal and grow.

Even though this is all serious work, part of my technique is to remind you of of the freedom and joy of being playful as you grow and expand. Taking big leaps of faith, risks and even failing can be part of the fun.  So come on; Let’s break through all those old rules of living to find the freedom and passion you have been waiting for.

What clients Are Saying

“Melissa has absolutely changed my perception of life. She has helped me to create a life I would have never thought possible before starting coaching. In the past, I have struggled with self-doubt, depression, and feeling stuck. Now our weekly sessions help me gain clarity on my next step in life. I attribute the success in my life to the clarity and empowerment I gain during our sessions! I cannot recommend her enough.”

– Cheyenne, University Student, Yoga Teacher, International Traveller

“The time I spent working with Melissa was more effective than years of therapy. We immediately got down to my limiting beliefs and faced them head on so I could create space to think and live more mindfully. Since working with Melissa I have quit a soul sucking corporate job and launched my own business. Life feels so much more fun, free and fabulous!”

– Sarah, Sales Professional

“I did not realize how fear of my own emotions was encouraging me to strangle them into submission. Working with Melissa showed me how to start giving my emotions some room to breathe. Instead of ignoring them, I am learning to use my emotions for their intended purpose: to increase my well-being.”  

– Rachel, Mother, Yoga Teacher and Nurse 

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