Resigned at Life?

To all those who are feeling RESIGNED AT LIFE:

DO NOT FORGET. Do not forget your true nature. Your simple laugh, your smile, your breath. Do not forget that life is meant for living, laughter, loving, heartache and mistakes. Do not forget you are a child of the universe, meant for great things. Dear one, remember that being adult is a human concept, that your soul and spirit are still young. Do not let the mask of age blind you to your own greatness. You are meant to be free. You are meant to feel good, to feel alive. My dear child, do not let the passing of time infect your heart with walls and boundaries. If you have forgotten how to be free, to have fun, to truly laugh, to let go, do not worry. We are programed to forget our need for play, our soul’s desire to rest in creativity.  The challenge, now, is to remember that age is a gift. With each passing year you can chose to continue to live in fear of aging, to deny your own greatness and need for play. Or you can consciously take steps to remember your inherent spirit which longs to be seen.

Each year passing is a wonderful opportunity to sow your magnificent handprint on this earth, for no one has an expression, a view, a face, a fingerprint and a soul like yours. When we fight our physical aging on earth we also fight the creative flow of the universe. When we squash our own need to rest, laugh, explore, create, misbehave, test boundaries, we slowly suffocate our purpose on this planet. The desire to return to our inner child is not a luxury, my dear one. It is required for you to uplift your aching heart.

Dear one, this is the time. The revolution inside your soul has started.


Are you ready to tap into your inherent sense of power, play and purpose?