Falling in love with stone

Dear wild stone, it’s nice to meet you.

I dig away the earth and wake you from a 40-year slumber. You’ve been asleep longer than I’ve been alive, yet it’s just a short nap for you. You look up to see the sky again and yawn taking in the waking world of clouds, sunlight and sound. I can feel you remember the breeze and sunshine, a knowingness in your mineral bones.

A new season is here.

Here we are, me, a mortal woman and a you, a unsuspecting Midwest fieldstone, literally composed of the history of Earth. Meeting you here makes me sense that my life is right on track. We are supposed to meet like this. My conscious mind has no idea why, but my heart is full with knowing. I can’t do any amount of yoga to undue the strain you’ve put on my back yet I must carry you. I want to. You are a precious record keeper of planet Earth. More valuable to me than gold or diamond or silver. I admire your wildness, a soft dormant strength in the earth that surrounds my house.

I hold you tenderly, a human woman now, but perhaps we’ve met under different forms in the past. The spiritual, eternal, DNA in me needs to smell and taste you. I lick the dirt off of you reviving memories in an unknown territory of my soul. I smile, and whisper, “I love you.”

We are different species connected by spirit. Connected by our wildness.

In a quick breath my lifetime will be over. We are different species in this lifetime, but I know that doesn’t matter in the eternal cosmic order. In no time at all I will be dead and gone returning to your dark world. Can I rest with you then into eternity? Maybe my calcium bones will join your beautiful strength and we can sing and sleep in the underground world. At least, a girl can dream.


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