About Melissa

Born and raised on a small farm in Wisconsin, Melissa is an outdoors lover at heart. She grew up with many animals, both pets and wild, that instilled a sense of compassion and awe at an early age. Melissa is currently adding to her posse of pets on a regular basis, and at the time of writing, she and her family have three dogs, a few barn cats and eighteen chickens.

Melissa has always been a social worker at heart and yet was surprised when she decided to pursue social work in school (she always wanted to be an astronaut or nurse but the science aspect of both jobs quickly eliminated both options). She continues to collect various certifications, most recently trained as a Yoga Nidra Instructor and Reiki Master.

As a mother, wife and professional, Melissa is adamant to create her own time to play and unwind. She can be found at the local yoga studio, walking her dogs around town and sometimes jumping into the chilly waters of Lake Michigan…just for fun.

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