I was born into this world an emotionally sensitive and curious being. At a young age I felt most at home outdoors and preferred to spend my days exploring the earth and her wild beasts. Life was simple and free.  And then, at the age of 12, I was diagnosed with childhood cancer and began invasive treatment to rid myself of disease. At 13 years old, I lost my beautiful hair, my confidence and the lightness of childhood.

Despite being cured from my cancer at the age of 17, my inner world was a mess. Outwardly I appeared healthy, yet emotionally I struggled with facing my mortality and severely distrusted my body. Although the cancer was gone, my internal unravelling was getting worse.

My journey towards finding wellness has been long and is life-long. Part of my healing has come through pursuing a career as a social worker. I have developed a strong passion for working with those dealing with illness, injury and end of life issues. I have also found healing through various forms of holistic treatment, including yoga, nutrition, reiki and eco-therapy. Most of my healing, however, has come by expanding my spiritual beliefs and rewriting my internal wiring.

My story is mine alone, but we ALL HAVE AN IMPORTANT STORY TO TELL. And, this is the time to start telling our stories collectively. So let’s get moving!

Personal Stuff

  • Childhood cancer survivor
  • Dreamer
  • Perpetually playful
  • Recovering from my own shit (distorted eating & anxiety)
  • Animal and nature lover
  • Metaphysical junkie

Professional Stuff

  • Master’s Level Clinical Social Worker
  • Advanced Life Coach from the International Institute of Emotional Empowerment
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master
  • National speaker and presenter