Therapy + Coaching

Most people can benefit from an emotional tune-up from time to time; however, we often invest more in our cars, clothes or appearance than we do in our own emotional and relational wellness. In the past several years there has been a cultural shift in how we discuss mental health, and while most of it has been positive, I do believe there is an opportunity for one to both own their mental health and yet, at the same time not be defined by it. I don’t often use terms like mental illness or disease; instead I believe that our mood, cognitive function and relationships are just a part of who we are. Similarly, I believe that psychotherapy (sometimes called talk therapy) is just one of many types of therapies available for those looking for support. The majority of my clients are working on ways to incorporate therapeutic behaviors, such as owning a pet, exercise, community, time in nature, into their daily lives.

Psychotherapy can address concerns like: depression, anxiety, stress, anger and other emotions that feel like they are not serving you well. It can also be a wonderful tool to help cope with life changes such as divorce, loss of a loved one, illness, or other curve balls that have been tossed your way.

I have developed a niche working with teens and young adults. Common issues to explore in this group include: identity formation, sexuality, academic and social stressors, body image and family dynamics. I also work with adults and couples.

Some insurance providers are accepted; otherwise I do offer a private pay discounted rate.

Some common limiting beliefs are:

  1. What will people think if I share who I really am
  2. I should just be happy with what I have
  3. There are so many people worse off than me
  4. I don’t have enough (fill in the blank–money, education, love, etc) to be who I want to be
  5. I need to look a certain way/appear a certain way to be loved and/or accepted

It is common to feel some sort of “negative emotion” such as anxiety, overwhelm, and/or guilt when we continually tell ourselves these stories.

While traditional treatments try to eliminate these feelings, the truth is that these emotions will continue to emerge until you truly understand their purpose. You may notice that most people try to fix these emotions; but negative emotions DO NOT NEED TO BE FIXED. Instead, we will view your emotions as a compass leading you in a direction to better understand your higher self.

Coaching is a perfect modality for those who feel there is more out of life; specifically if you are looking for increasing your abundance financially, in relationships or with your overall health. Coaching can also be a supportive tool for those working towards increasing overall happiness and life satisfaction.

 As part of the healing process we will:

  • Determine what your mind is saying versus what your intuition is saying
  • Look at your negative emotions through a healing lens
  • Address limiting beliefs and stories that no longer serve you
  • Create increased feelings of abundance, joy and self-love
  • Tap into your inherent sense of power, play and purpose

Are you ready to create a life you love?